Enjoy even more customisation options now available in your MODI - unlimited and without additional tokens or activations - Take out the best of your car!
Using the MODI App and the handheld OBD dongle, you can easily access the following:

• Start/stop enable/disable by default in one easy step!
Are you tired of the Start/Stop system being in your way the whole time in traffic? It is understandable that you wouldn't want your car to turn off every time you're at traffic lights or when the commute is harder than expected. We've got you! With the click of a button you can disable or enable your car's Start/Stop system!
Simply go to the Fast Coding menu when you connect to the respective electronic module in the Advanced Diagnostic mode and find the right coding. It is done in seconds and it is perfectly safe for your car!

• Control seatbelt notifications and alerts - just a click away!
If you want to manage your seatbelt notifications, as well, MODI is the right choice! Enable or disable sounds and alerts, so that nothing can distract you from your journey. Click the fast coding option and customise your experience

• Enjoy full screen CarPlay - activate it with one-touch button!
You can activate full screen CarPlay with one simple touch! MODI gives you the power to transfer your phone screen onto the multimedia of your ride momentarily! Listen to music, follow your navigation of preference and simply go with the flow enjoying all of these on full screen!

• Kilometers to miles convertion in your dashboard in an instant!
You can't convert your odometer from kilometres to miles or vice versa? Needn't worry, simply click on the "Convert kilometres to miles" (or the "Convert miles to kilometres", whatever you require) button and watch it get done in a moment.

Celsius to Fahrenheit convertion in your dashboard made easy!
It can sometimes be confusing not to see the preferred temperature units in your car, slightly annoying even. That's why we have introduced quick coding options for both units of measurement, so that you can easily set them right in a few seconds!

• Dashboard language change - the choice is yours!
You need to understand what your car is trying to communicate to you via its dashboard. Having your dash in a language you understand is an absolute must! MODI gives you the opportunity to set the tone from a dropdown menu of available languages in the vehicle. Choose yours and bon voyage!

• Enable vehicle start without depressing brake pedal - simple and effortless start!
This one is a very convenient feature - it allows you to start your car without the need to press on the brakes. Choose the coding and try it! Now you can start only by pressing the start button! It may be a small thing, but it does make a difference. Like in life, small things do matter.

The fast coding options are a great way to set your car in the condition you like it best! No more annoying chimes, no more wondering if you locked the door upon exiting, and hundreds more!

The Fast Coding menu offers a pretty rich variety of options, take a Saturday afternoon with your favorite BMW and try out the coding options you fancy, and if you want to restore to the original coding, say no more! Just click Restore coding and all will be reversed.

The MODI coding menu is completely safe for your car! There is nothing you can do to damage it while having some fun with the available options. Test all you can think of and ENJOY your car with MODI!
If you want to discover even more coding options, you can do so entering each module after scanning the vehicle.

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